Press and Marketing Internship at Beyond Retro

So this summer I have been extremely fortunate in that I secured a three-month internship at the vintage clothing brand Beyond Retro. My role was within the press and marketing team to help feature the brand across leading global print and digital channels. It was three days a week and unpaid but this gave me the opportunity to still earn money working as a waitress at home. I spent every Monday in the Beyond retro head office, then Thursday and Friday I was in the press office in the Cheshire street store.

Beyond Retro is unlike any other clothing brand on the high street. It is important to stress the fundamentals that Beyond Retro is built on and how important environment and sustainability are. As a fashion student I am aware of how polluting the industry can be, the apparel industry generates €1.5 trillion revenue annually and sadly fast fashion is seen as one of the highest in the ranks of pollution. I found it extremely refreshing working for a brand that is so focused on changing the industry through second-hand and vintage clothing.

At face value you might think Beyond Retro is just a quirky vintage brand, and of course thanks to the store staff and all the creative people that work and follow the brand it is EVERYTHING that fashion should be. Fun, stylish, creative, unique and most importantly caring. Beyond Retro is continually creating ‘innovative and relevant solutions for the crisis of stuff’, pushing ideals that is shaping the future of fashion.

Not only is every store filled with thousands of second-hand unique garments but they have also created their LABEL range. LABEL are garments and accessories that are made by Beyond Retro from upcycled fabrics and clothes. This is an incredible solution for so much of the waste in this industry. Not only taking the fashionable second-hand items, but reworking other pieces into garments that people will want to buy is genius.

What did I do?:

I had many roles in helping with everything a press and marketing department has to deal with. My Mondays would be spent collecting the coverage that the brand has had online, looking though social content as well as blog mentions and editorials. It really highlighted to me how important coverage for a brand like this is. They don’t pay for advertising so rely on social media in a massive way. The girls that run the marketing do an amazing job of spreading excitement and interest about the brand. In addition, the store staff and customers generate so much of the of artistic social content that the press department is always eager to repost and highlight the work of their creative following.

On Thursdays and Friday’s, I was positioned in the press office out the back of the Cheshire street store, just off brick lane (Such a great area to work in!). My work consisted of taking and docketing press loans and well as other press related tasked. Press loans are a vital part of a brand as they let out clothes to magazines and other big publications for editorials or celebrity shoots. When these loans take place the brand is credited and creates more buzz and interest. I was responsible for managing and building these relationships, working with stylists, bloggers and fashion editors to collaborate and feature Beyond Retro clothing.

Other more general tasks involved content creation for the BR blog and the different social media channels. This would centre around promoting events; such as the garage sales, gay pride or discounts; such as student discounts. I would be doing a lot of research into big calendar days then linking it to the content we were pushing out. Knowing what cultural events and festivals that were coming up is vital to any brand/ business when curating promotional content.

What did I learn?:

Having spent three months at Beyond Retro I have come away having learnt so much! I understood when applying for internships within the fashion industry that it isn’t the most glamorous and in a lot of places perhaps not worth the expense of working in London… only to make coffee and answer the phone. However, this was not my experience! With BR being a smaller brand I was able to meet a large proportion of the entire team. In my interview I was told that I could get as much out of it as I wanted, I could speak to who ever in any department with any questions I had. I was incredibly lucky to have a superior that wanted me to learn how the company works, explaining why we did certain thing and the effect of the overall running of the business.

My aim this summer was to get experience working in a fashion brand in London. I was open to learning as much as I could, applying to as many internships in all sectors of fashion. As a design student at heart press and marketing is not my desired route into the industry. In spite of this I could never pass the opportunity to learn about a part of the industry that id never thought about before. I’m a genuine believer in trying everything, and its so important to educate yourself on as much of the industry as possible. I have come away knowing the hard work that goes into getting a brand press coverage and the thought out process in which it happens.

A HUGE thank you to Neda and Mary and all the team at Beyond Retro, Head office and the Cheshire street store. I had a great summer and learnt so much that I can take forward into the future!

Thanks a million,

The Lanky Giraffe

If your interested in the brand and have a love for vintage or sustainable clothing check out Beyond Retro!


Best of Graduate Fashion Week

A quick visual tour of my favourite designers to showcase at ‘The Best Of Graduate Fashion Week’ catwalk show

My first ever visit to a graduate fashion week in London, and it was great! Now I’ve been to it once it is and an event I will definitely  attend again. I recommend to anyone of any age, if I knew about it at school I would have loved to have gone. You have to pay for catwalks but the actual degree show is free! There are displays put on from Universities all round the Uk and a range of fashion courses everything from Design to Communication.

I wanted to post about several of the designers that really stood out to me in the ‘The Best of Graduate Fashion Week’ catwalk show. We thought it was a good show to see as we would get a mix of all the talent that has been shown throughout the week.

Sarah- Louise Francis
Susan Forrest

Laura Capello

Claire TaggIMG_0068IMG_0071IMG_0081
Irene D’antonio


Halina North


VM at COW Vintage Nottingham

The Giraffe takes on the COW… As part of my course at Nottingham Trent university I was lucky enough to take part in a Lord Whitney workshop. For those of you that haven’t heard of Lord Whitney, they are a prop making duo and with a beautiful company and great workshops to get involved with.… Continue reading VM at COW Vintage Nottingham

La La Land Film Review

As I sit here listening to the sound track for the tenth time after only seeing it last night, it just puts me in a good mood…or though I can’t say the same for my house mates. ‘“La La Land” is set in contemporary Los Angeles, but its heart and soul are rooted in the… Continue reading La La Land Film Review

The Lanky Giraffe takes Berlin

If you have me on any form of social media over the past week, you’ve probably noticed I won’t shut up about the fact I was in Berlin… Lucky for you I’m about to talk about it in even more detail. I wanted to outline our itinerary and what we achieved in the days we… Continue reading The Lanky Giraffe takes Berlin

Nocturnal Animals- Film review

So last week a on Tuesday evening some friends and I made our way down to the Broadway theatre in Hockley to see Toms Fords new film: Nocturnal Animals. Honestly I didn’t really know what to expect when going into this film, all I knew is that it was directed by Ford and I really fancied Jake Gyllenhaal… However when the credits rolled I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like it, nor could me and my friends stop talking about it for several days…

A tale of revenge. The film entwines a double standard narrative, transitioning different levels of reality. An art dealer (Amy Adams) and a writer (Jake Gyllenhaal). Its very dark but extremely interesting and an edge of your seat watch.


_DSC5202_R Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal portrays Tony Hastings in writer/director Tom Ford’s romantic thriller NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, a Focus Features release. Credit: Merrick Morton/Focus Features

nocturnal-animals-aaron-taylor-james-poster nocturnal-animals-amy-adams-poster nocturnal-animals-jake-gyllenhaal-poster

My exhibition mission: London’s must see’s

Last week I spent a few days in London. The reason for the trip was to gather cultural research for my current uni projects, and to add to my general contextual knowledge. I love visiting cities and anywhere rich with culture and art. So with only a couple days to explore I packed as many things as I could in to the itinerary, and heres a little note on what galleries and exhibition are worth a look:

Tate Modern:

The Tate is always one of my favourite museums to go to, there is always something great in the turbine hall and this trip was no different. HYUNDAI commission: Philippe Parreno, Anywhen is a immersive experience that is said to challenge your perception of time and space. The french artist has responded to the Turbine hall through acoustics, lighting, moving objects and film. You enter the large space and are immediately aware of the relaxed tone and atmosphere, most people are sitting or laying on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, taking it all in. The feeling I got was similar to sitting in a cinema- I was excited and suspenseful however relaxed in my surroundings. My eyes weren’t drawn to one point, rather flitting around the room. It made me question the sequences of our environment and feel as though it is a comment of an ever changing life cycle- random elements and no real formula.  After leaving the exhibition I wanted to know more and was interested in the ideas and artist behind the work. I found out that the piece is evolving daily, and will do so for the whole of its six week commission. A truly immersive experience and worth a visit if get the chance, I loved it.

TERRIBLE photos I know, but wanted to give an idea on the size and space



The Barbican:

I’d never been to the Barbican art gallery before and wasn’t sure what to expect, however I would definitely visit again. We made our way to Shoreditch to see the exhibition The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined.

‘Scandal of good taste’

Fashion curator and exhibition maker Judith Clarke has collaborated with Adam Phillips, a psychoanalyst and writer to build on Phillip’s definition of ‘The Vulgar’ as a bases. The exhibition highlights 500 years of fashion guiding you through pieces from the Renaissance to present day. Weaved together with the theme of vulgarity, whilst celebrating the incredible innovations of all the designers included. I really enjoyed this and feel it was worth the £10 fee of entry. Sadly they didn’t allow photographs so you”l have to check it out yourselves!!

The Hayward Gallery:

The Hayward was another gallery that I’ve never set foot in before and I still haven’t actually set foot in it… the exhibition we went to see was called The Infinite Mix. However it was held off site to our despair as we’d already walked all the way to the gallery to only find out that we were in the wrong place.

When we finally got to the correct location we spent the next hour and a half walking in and out of different but very basic screen rooms. The Infinite Mix is a collection of contemporary audiovisual artworks. Ten rooms in total exploring our cultural tensions all through varied genres.

‘They pointedly remix our notions of history and fiction, the real and the staged, and the sublime and the everyday’

Another one that is completely free and so great to go and see! Each film and soundtrack was completely different, some I connected with and some I didn’t understand at all. Thats all part of it. Its a really interesting space and a very thought-provoking experience I would recommend it if you love music, contemporary art or film.

White Chapel Gallery:

It was a few days of discovery it seems as White Chapel was also a first for me. A much smaller gallery but always worth having a look what they have on. We’d made the effort to see an exhibition about the anonymous feminist activists; Guerrilla Girls. If you don’t known who they are, look them up! These women wear gorilla masks in public to conceal their identities and take on the names of women artists from the past all for the fight against sexism.

The exhibition was called Guerrilla Girls: Is it even worse in Europe? The small exhibit is a room plastered with questions, statistics and proof on the subject of sexism in the art world. It highlights daunting facts about the industry and challenges how we can make change. The activists sent out hundreds of questionnaires to museums and galleries quizzing them on the diversity of their representation. With interesting results of inequality all over Europe- go check it out its really quite shocking and worth a visit.

img_4535  img_4534  img_4536

V&A museum:

My FAVOURITE museum on the planet… The Victoria and Albert. Not only equipped with the best gift shop but also housed a fantastic exhibition that is incredible useful to my current uni projects. You say you want a revolution? Records and rebels 1966-1970. The exhibition encapsulates the vibrant and explosive attitudes of the late 60’s, displaying fashion, film, design, music and political activism. Once again no photos were allowed and in terms of budget it was the most expensive to visit but worth it.

A really sneaky pic from the beginning of the exhibition
Some badges that were on sale in the gift shop.. love the dedicated fashion follower one

-The Lanky Giraffe 


Just a really quick picture post! If your Nottingham based or in the local area get your self down the the Bonnington Gallery at Nottingham trent university. The exhibition is looking at current and social issues to do with crisis’s happening now. Creative and interactive displays in response to the horror and anxiety of our current work and questioning how can we create change.

img_4562 img_4568 img_4566 img_4561 img_4563 img_4564 img_4567

Fashion Cities Africa

Casablanca| Johannesburg | Lagos |Nairobi


‘The time for Africa is now. The world is looking to us for inspiration.’- Tiffany Amber, designer.


So I am posting this rather spontaneously as I didn’t plan on seeing this exhibition but stumbled across it, and loved it! Fashion cities Africa is a vibrant and exciting exhibition that explores fashion and style across four major cities in Africa. Celebrating the most talented individual’s within: Casablanca in Morocco, Johannesburg in South Africa, Nairobi in Kenya and Lagos in Nigeria. A collection of bloggers, photographers, stylists and designers truly express the originality and culture of each city.

img_8726 img_8719

‘The cities featured are highly diverse geographically and economically, as is there populations. While in some of these cities the infrastructure for fashion is limited, the ambition, creativity and dynamism of those engaged in the industry is boundless.’

img_8713 img_8715 img_8716 img_8718

Still on at the Brighton Museum from now until the 8 of January 2017!

-The Lanky Giraffe

Festival Style

A week ago Monday I was travelling back with my friends from V-festival in Chelmsford, Essex. The journey consisted of six passed out girls and the occasional rub on my arm from a fellow hangover sufferer asking if I was ok. Obviously this situation was the result of a crazy, exciting and truly hilarious weekend, and the last mini bus journey and utter exhaustion was totally worth it.

It was a weekend filled with music and laughter and I loved every second of it. Festivals are great fun and I recommend going to anyone! As this was my third time I knew what to expect and this included festival fashion. Not only was I surround by my beautiful friends but It was great to photograph who ever I thought looked the part. Armed with my phone and the confidence from a vodka and coke these are some of the images I took of the people it met…

edit 1 edit 2 IMG_2984edit 3 edit 4 IMG_3009edit 5 edit 6 edit 7 IMG_3111edit 8 edit 9 IMG_3151edit 10 edit 11 edit 12 IMG_3204edit 13 edit 14 edit 15 edit 17

Hope you like it!

-The Lanky Giraffe