My names Emily.  I’m 21 and currently in my second year at Nottingham Trent university, studying fashion communication and promotion. Home and family is in the south of England on the sunshine coast of Eastbourne.

Two years ago I completed my foundation course in art and design, I specialized in textiles and fashion, a subject I adore. I have been interested the world of fashion ever since I had my first job at 14 and would spend all my wages on clothes and magazines… still an area my money seems to go missing.

My first year of uni was amazing, filled with new experiences and and finding new passions. I find I’m increasingly interested in fine art and the meaning behind works as well as on trend aesthetics. Now in my second year of my course I am really trying to hone in on what I want to continue with when it comes to working full time. Im always looking for work experiences and constantly working on my contextual knowledge of the art and fashion world.

My blog is something I set up in an attempt to express my thoughts of fashion, style and design. I blog about things that interest me in the vast subject of fashion and art and hope to find my own voice through doing this. I don’t take my self too seriously and look to my blog for fun and hope to express this in my writing.

Hope you enjoy!

The Lanky Giraffe