VM at COW Vintage Nottingham

The Giraffe takes on the COW… As part of my course at Nottingham Trent university I was lucky enough to take part in a Lord Whitney workshop. For those of you that haven’t heard of Lord Whitney, they are a prop making duo and with a beautiful company and great workshops to get involved with.… Continue reading VM at COW Vintage Nottingham

Festival Style

A week ago Monday I was travelling back with my friends from V-festival in Chelmsford, Essex. The journey consisted of six passed out girls and the occasional rub on my arm from a fellow hangover sufferer asking if I was ok. Obviously this situation was the result of a crazy, exciting and truly hilarious weekend, and the last mini bus journey and utter exhaustion was totally worth it.

It was a weekend filled with music and laughter and I loved every second of it. Festivals are great fun and I recommend going to anyone! As this was my third time I knew what to expect and this included festival fashion. Not only was I surround by my beautiful friends but It was great to photograph who ever I thought looked the part. Armed with my phone and the confidence from a vodka and coke these are some of the images I took of the people it met…

edit 1 edit 2 IMG_2984edit 3 edit 4 IMG_3009edit 5 edit 6 edit 7 IMG_3111edit 8 edit 9 IMG_3151edit 10 edit 11 edit 12 IMG_3204edit 13 edit 14 edit 15 edit 17

Hope you like it!

-The Lanky Giraffe 

NFW- oneBC fashion show

As I was helping out with the event, (stewarding and being a runner for the show) I didn’t have time to take many pictures. However, the brand that stood out to me the most was the incredibly edgy OneBC. Therefore I made sure I had front row position when seeing the show for the second time Saturday evening. In more ways than one these guys stood out, bringing an energy to the evening. I love to inject a bit of rock’ n roll into my own wardrobe on occasion, but oneBC takes it to a whole other level.edit 1edit 3

The atmosphere was electrifying… quite literally with a live electric guitar being played up the catwalk amongst the models!  The colour pallet is kept to charcoal blacks, textured metallic and concrete hues keeping within the theme. I feel like the atheistic of a brand is so much more powerful when a catwalk show is colour coordinated or themed.

edit 4 IMG_1083To finish the models themselves stole the show. Fierce and profound. I loved the mix of gender, ethnicity, height and age (refreshing for a fashion student, when all you see is young white women dominate mainstream media). It was a beautiful mash up of all things rock’ n roll, a bliss movement of attitude and personality. I wanted to be in their gang!

If you want more info on what they are all about, have a look here at their website: http://www.one-bc.com

Or check out the shop in Nottingham located on Gedling street!


-The Lanky Giraffe

Pablo Thecuadro

I haven’t a clue what I was researching when I first came across Thecuadro’s work, all I know is I was side tracked into stalking the artist online and through his Tumblr for a significant amount of time. The Madrid based photographer and artist creates abstract imagery using, what I might  sometimes deem to be unoriginal fashion editorials, to create something we haven’t seen before.p 1

Under his creative vison Thecuadro cuts and tares both digitally and physically to craft abstract art. Using his own work as well as images from other photographers he offers something different to an industry that is saturated by the same old narratives.p5

“The collages I make express the duality in the human being, who we want to be versus who we really are and what part of us we want to show to others. ‘Collage Art’ is a never ending process, you can put as many images you want together over and over again.”


A quote from the artist himself describing what his work communicates perfectly. As a society and culture obsessed with image and the way we look, its interesting to see art that makes us question what we are looking at. I most certainly found it refreshing.0000

-The Lanky Giraffe x

Vanilla and Concrete

_MG_6611Vanilla and concrete exhibition- Tate Britain

_MG_6612 _MG_6617_MG_6618 _MG_6620

As part of my recent trip to London we made our way to the Tate Britain. I forget how excited I get about seeing exhibitions, you never know what’s you’ll see or experience._MG_6615

The vanilla and concrete exhibition brings together the work of three artists; Marie Lund (born 1976), Rallou Panagiotou (born 1978) and Mary Ramsden (born 1984). Originally when walking through the exhibition I thought it was all the same artist, the works compliment each other in colour and in meaning. The room was a selection of pieces that investigate the everyday. Deconstructing seemingly insignificant moments and objects and understanding what makes them part of life. Through the use of material, colour and shape these three artists give substance and meaning to things that are often over looked._MG_6614

I would recommend to go and see it, I found I could connect with the idea that we need to appreciate the contemporary world though objects, gestures and space. I really enjoyed the mellow tone to the work, it felt fun with a sense of humour! Over all a good one to go and see especially if your interested in exploring the everyday- something that I’m personally fascinated with.

-The Lanky Giraffe_MG_6613

An Introduction into Perfumery

An Introduction into perfumery


As part of my latest Uni project we had the opportunity to attend a workshop in smelling and creating our own fragrance.

The workshop was two hours long and consisted of smelling and learning a number of scents often used in fragrance. We were layering the scents to create our own that could portray a particular story or archetype.  IMG_0351

In creating all brands its important to have an aim of who will buy your product, the archetype is important to have straight in your head so you know what you want to create. As a group, we wanted to create a scent that would appeal to ‘the new age granny’. Linking with a macro trend of age having no boundaries. A female over 65 that doesn’t feel a day over 21. Taking inspiration from individuals like Iris Apfel or Grace Coddington. Falling under the archetype of ‘the creative’, perhaps having worked in the creative industry? Someone that is style conscious and energetic about living in a way that past generations wouldn’t be the same at that age. Creating a product that mimics the opinion of society at this time, embracing getting old, and with style. We are living longer and feeling younger so where is the product to cater for this consumer?IMG_0344

We were told that the best way to smell the scents had to be on a smelling strip. Just holding the bottle to your nose wouldn’t give you the full effect- and it’s true!

That in mind we proceeded to experiment with scents and how we combine them. To begin with in fragrance, you have heart notes, accessory notes, fixatives and harmonisers. Typically, you would have 2-3 heart notes then add 3 accessory notes playing with quantities. So our thought process went to how we thought stereotypically elderly ladies might smell… which was all wrong for what we were trying to create. We took that scent, and built on it. Keeping the accessory notes Vanilla and Aldehydic and loosing the Rose. We then added Orchid, Muguet and a hint of Spicy. This wont mean anything if you don’t know what these things smell like, just I wouldn’t have before the workshop. However, in terms of how we got to the final smell, experimentation and building on what we already knew was important in connecting with our target consumer. The hardest part of this was putting your self in the mind of who your trying to sell to. Getting out of my head what I like (sweet like candy perfume) and putting my self in the shoes of the target customer.

Something that I found really difficult with the experience was being able to describe a smell, something that you can’t necessarily taste, touch or see to give an indication. (You can only smell a see-through, un-drinkable substance to identify it!) The nose is like your eyes in it collects information so we had to think about what the fragrance reminded us of, using the emotions and memories we already had attached to the smell and transfer that into how we could describe it. Smells such as the smell of a bonfire on an Autumn night or a perfume your mother wore in your childhood emotes familiar memories.IMG_0353

My favourite part of the work shop was learning how to identify brand archetypes. Learning how to use archetypes helps set your brand aside from others selling the same product, it also helps to connect with the subconscious and basic human needs of a target audience. In doing this you can create a product that doesn’t just forgo age and gender but the type of person you are i.e. the rebel or the innocent. All brands fit in to a brand archetype and understanding this will help a lot in later work.IMG_0352

-The Lanky Giraffe 

Jacqueline De Ribes- THE ART OF STYLE


The MET museum! Very exciting visit and perfect picture opportunity for all Gossip Girl fans. However the home to a spectacular exhibition on Jacqueline De Ribes the french countess whose style is impeccably chic. Known for having an eye for style and glamour The Art Of Style exhibition displays this perfectly transporting you to a magical world of couture.

IMG_9730 IMG_9733 IMG_9735 IMG_9737 IMG_9741 IMG_9742 IMG_9748 IMG_9751<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/14545945/?claim=zd3c25taxjp”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


New York Street Style- Womenswear

After spending a week in this amazing city I ended up building up quite the collection of photos. As we explored, with a camera chained to my neck like a typical tourist, I thought it was the perfect situation to take street style photos. And of course what better place than the vibrant and crazy city of NY. Some I like more than others in terms of lighting and composition but I didn’t want to be too picky as they all demonstrate the diverse fashion of the big apple!

Colour flash- a shock of vibrant colour needed in the concrete metropolises.

The matching red pompom and scarf caught my eye, as it stood out against the grey colour pallet of a city. Im a sucker for colour coordination.thumb_IMG_8023_1024thumb_IMG_8253_1024thumb_IMG_8215_1024thumb_IMG_8209_1024thumb_IMG_8299_1024

Androgynous monochromes- smart and on trend, oversized neutrals.

On on my favourite photos form the trip.I love what the photo captures, from the city street to her outfit. Urban chic.

thumb_IMG_8282_1024thumb_IMG_8265_1024 thumb_IMG_8252_1024thumb_IMG_8141_1024thumb_IMG_8097_1024thumb_IMG_8136_1024

Stand out looks- people that just stood out to me. On trend or not I loved the look!

Beautiful vintage coat- the photo doest do it justice. Taken on Brooklyn bridge

thumb_IMG_8057_1024 thumb_IMG_8077_1024thumb_IMG_8112_1024 thumb_IMG_8121_1024thumb_IMG_8250_1024thumb_IMG_8194_1024

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So this year, and for the first time ever, I was lucky enough to go to London fashion weekend spring/summer 2015! Held at Sumerset House, a beautiful setting in itself, the day began with front row seats to a trend catwalk. Essentially a catwalk show presenting the pick of this seasons most talked about trends… Continue reading LONDON FASHION WEEKEND SS15