VM at COW Vintage Nottingham

The Giraffe takes on the COW… As part of my course at Nottingham Trent university I was lucky enough to take part in a Lord Whitney workshop. For those of you that haven’t heard of Lord Whitney, they are a prop making duo and with a beautiful company and great workshops to get involved with.… Continue reading VM at COW Vintage Nottingham

The Lanky Giraffe takes Berlin

If you have me on any form of social media over the past week, you’ve probably noticed I won’t shut up about the fact I was in Berlin… Lucky for you I’m about to talk about it in even more detail. I wanted to outline our itinerary and what we achieved in the days we… Continue reading The Lanky Giraffe takes Berlin

Nottingham Fashion Week Street Style

So this is a week or so late but I’ve been super busy! However I think its still vital I post about the Nottingham fashion week street style as everyone looked so amazing. Because I was a steward at the event I wasn’t able to take my good camera so I took what I could on my phone, (apologies for crappy photo quality) and got talking to some great people! Have a look at what Nottingham’s most creative and fashion conscious individuals had to offer at the spotlight event.

Fashion Blogger Chloe Ferdinand looking beautiful as always – have a look at her blog at http://muchlovechlo.blogspot.co.uk

Another fashion blogger Abi Homer always on trend! check out her amazing blog as well – http://itsajungleouttherex.blogspot.co.uk

Aspiring fashion stylist, Katie, looked amazing in edgy layers. From the cool detail in the metal tooth necklace, to the chilled out trainers- she looked great! she also has a blog- katieboniface.wix.com

IMG_1098  IMG_1095



One of the most dramatic looks of the weekend that I saw- and she stood out!! I love the head scarf and the clash of patten, together with a fantastic personality this is my most memorable look.

IMG_1121  IMG_1122


If any one is local in Nottingham you might know the Sue Ryder charity shop. If you don’t its amazing, filled with everything vintage. Its really quirky and fun and I’ve found some real gems in there. These girls happen to run the shop and both looked effortlessly stylish- I loved their look.

Lastly a local jewellery designer that specialises in beautiful hand made rings. I absolutely adore rings (I wear a lot of them) and I’ve since had a look at her jewellery and its beautiful! Not only is she incredibly talented in making jewellery but also on trend in terms on style. I love the all black and simple bun, very minimalist yet stunning. Similar to her jewellery!! Follow @tir_na_nog_ on Insta and you’ll see!

Thanks for reading!

-The lanky Giraffe 

NFW- oneBC fashion show

As I was helping out with the event, (stewarding and being a runner for the show) I didn’t have time to take many pictures. However, the brand that stood out to me the most was the incredibly edgy OneBC. Therefore I made sure I had front row position when seeing the show for the second time Saturday evening. In more ways than one these guys stood out, bringing an energy to the evening. I love to inject a bit of rock’ n roll into my own wardrobe on occasion, but oneBC takes it to a whole other level.edit 1edit 3

The atmosphere was electrifying… quite literally with a live electric guitar being played up the catwalk amongst the models!  The colour pallet is kept to charcoal blacks, textured metallic and concrete hues keeping within the theme. I feel like the atheistic of a brand is so much more powerful when a catwalk show is colour coordinated or themed.

edit 4 IMG_1083To finish the models themselves stole the show. Fierce and profound. I loved the mix of gender, ethnicity, height and age (refreshing for a fashion student, when all you see is young white women dominate mainstream media). It was a beautiful mash up of all things rock’ n roll, a bliss movement of attitude and personality. I wanted to be in their gang!

If you want more info on what they are all about, have a look here at their website: http://www.one-bc.com

Or check out the shop in Nottingham located on Gedling street!


-The Lanky Giraffe

Nottingham Fashion Week

The countdown continues, two days until Nottingham fashion week begins!! Everything you want to see from new trends on the high street to exciting independent designers. The first ever week long fashion event is a collaboration between The Nottingham BID (Business Improvement District) and the Creative Quarter. So get ya self down there.

When is it?! April 22nd– 30th

Outside URSA minor apparel today, such a great shop! Featuring in NFW.

I’ve had the exciting job of helping out with the Creative Quarter spreading an enthusiastic word across the city. ‘Spotlight on Nottingham’s independent fashion’, presented as part of NFW, takes place on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd. 6.30pm-8.30pm. Venue: Sneinton Market avenue. Not only will you find fashion but as a creative space there will be music, inspiration, performance and food&drink.

Part of my role is helping out with the social media, a few other bloggers and I have been taking over the Creative Quarters social media accounts so please have a look! Today we’ve visited just some of the exciting businesses that will be showcased at the event. So give us a follow…

Facebook: Creative Quarter Nottingham

Instagram: CQNottm

Twitter: CQNottm

Paying a visit to one of Nottingham’s most inspirational spaces. Ideas on Paper- you should check it out.

SnapChat: CQNottm

 To find out more visit:




AND the experience doesn’t stop there! Fellow bloggers and friends are posting exclusive interviews with designers and keeping you up to date on all the inside information, so check their blogs out too!




-The Lanky Giraffe 

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