La La Land Film Review

As I sit here listening to the sound track for the tenth time after only seeing it last night, it just puts me in a good mood…or though I can’t say the same for my house mates. ‘“La La Land” is set in contemporary Los Angeles, but its heart and soul are rooted in the… Continue reading La La Land Film Review

Pablo Thecuadro

I haven’t a clue what I was researching when I first came across Thecuadro’s work, all I know is I was side tracked into stalking the artist online and through his Tumblr for a significant amount of time. The Madrid based photographer and artist creates abstract imagery using, what I might  sometimes deem to be unoriginal fashion editorials, to create something we haven’t seen before.p 1

Under his creative vison Thecuadro cuts and tares both digitally and physically to craft abstract art. Using his own work as well as images from other photographers he offers something different to an industry that is saturated by the same old narratives.p5

“The collages I make express the duality in the human being, who we want to be versus who we really are and what part of us we want to show to others. ‘Collage Art’ is a never ending process, you can put as many images you want together over and over again.”


A quote from the artist himself describing what his work communicates perfectly. As a society and culture obsessed with image and the way we look, its interesting to see art that makes us question what we are looking at. I most certainly found it refreshing.0000

-The Lanky Giraffe x

Fabric printing!

This project was based around fashion print using mainly screen printing and heat transfer printing. The brief was based on a few descriptive words- fragmentation, reflection and distortion. I set about taking pictures of anything that related or inspired these words and how they relate to the world around me. i took pictures of shadows… Continue reading Fabric printing!

From concept to consumer

Having just finished my first project on my art foundation course I wanted to reflect on the process from design to garment. The brief was to explore microbiology and all the beautiful shapes and colours that surrounds the science. I began by creating several design sheets of my initial ideas, all based on images of… Continue reading From concept to consumer