VM at COW Vintage Nottingham

The Giraffe takes on the COW…

As part of my course at Nottingham Trent university I was lucky enough to take part in a Lord Whitney workshop. For those of you that haven’t heard of Lord Whitney, they are a prop making duo and with a beautiful company and great workshops to get involved with. The workshop is over two days and involves some scrap materials, a little glue and a lot of imagination. Lucky for me I was part of a great team…


We were briefed by Lord Whitney and then had two days to put together a short film and present our outcomes to a panel of judges. The lucky winners would then be installing their prop creations into the shop windows of COW Nottingham, for many of us an exciting first job in the world of visual merchandising. So, as the story goes, me and my lovely group of nine other course mates won the exciting opportunity! (Party poppers would ideally go off in your head right now.)

Check out the hilarious final video we made as part of the workshop @ https://youtu.be/GrUFJNWypDU

A short description of what we had to do was put together by a team mate, this is displayed in the first window of COW and explains to the passers by our thinking behind the window displays:

The brief was to create a concept around the word ‘iron’ for the month of February. We had two days to build a set and create a video demonstrating our idea. We wanted to look at the word iron in a more lateral way, so brain stormed ideas as a group. We decided to go down the route of iron as an element in the periodic table. We figured out that iron (Fe) + carbon (C) = steel, and steel made us think of ‘guns of steel’ and muscle building. As Valentine’s Day is in February, we wanted to bring love into our story as well.

Our final concept was the story of a boy (Fe) and a girl (C) meeting in a gym, falling in love and the boy developing muscles (guns of steel) from the chemical reaction between them.


As a result of our victory, my team have been working hard all of last week to put together the final props for the installation. For anyone that wants to go into prop making or VM I can assure you there is a considerable amount of hard graft, long days and savvy problem solving involved. Fortunately, as a team we were hard working with a considerable amount of humor and no challenge was too much for us.

And so, this Monday just gone we all ventured down to COW in the pouring rain with our acrylic painted cardboard props- not a good combination when your only option of travel is the tram. However, we made it, and in the after hours of the shop closing we got to work like little VM fairies and took over the vintage store. As I’m sure all my team would express, it was slightly stress full and a lot of work, but in the long run and now looking back at the outcome, I think we created something to be proud of. And what’s even more rewarding is the girls that work in the COW store love it too. (Shout out to them as they were so lovely to us and helped us with the installation!)img_9285 img_9276 img_9265 img_9282 img_9283

So thank you Lord Whitney for the creative workshop and thank you COW Nottingham for the use of your windows! Great experience.

-The Lanky Giraffe 


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