The Lanky Giraffe takes Berlin

If you have me on any form of social media over the past week, you’ve probably noticed I won’t shut up about the fact I was in Berlin… Lucky for you I’m about to talk about it in even more detail. I wanted to outline our itinerary and what we achieved in the days we were there to give you a rough idea of how much you can do in the time frame we had:

Day 1:

  • Travelling and arrive in Berlin 11pm

Day 2:

  • Reichstag Building
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Berlin television Tower
  • Holocaust memorial
  • Alexanderplatz
  • Berlin Cathedral

Day 3:

  • Trade Shows- Green Room and Ethical Fashion
  • Berlin Wall- Eastside gallery
  • Trade Shows- Premium/ seek

Day 4

  • Alternative tour
  • Trade Show- Bright/ Show and Order
  • Tresor club

Day 5

  • The Bauhaus Archive
  • Bikini Berlin
  • Shopping
  • Monkey Bar

Day 6

  • Soho House
  • Leave at midday to travel home


I won’t talk about every activity but just my favourite parts and what I recommend to anyone doing the same trip.

First thing anyone visiting Berlin should do is to get down to an ‘alternative tour’. These walking tours run from the centre of Alexanderplatz and show you the non touristy side to Berlin. Our guide was an English artist/ writer/ failed actor, called Jake that had travelled to Berlin 10 years prior and decided to never leave. He was incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the city.

Sadly, we had to leave half way through to get to a trade show but in the hour we were with him he covered so much. He highlighted the street art as we walk along, describing the stories and artists behind the imagery.

img_9108 img_9109 img_9107 img_9106 img_9105 img_9104 img_9103 img_9101 img_9099

He spoke about Berliners as a people liking their privacy, demonstrating through the lack of CCTV cameras on any street, anywhere in berlin. This was later proven even more so when we were informed that photos are not permitted in any clubs or your phone will be taken off you. When at first you think it is an act of elitist snobbery, not allowing phones, I realised it is more to do with respect for people and privacy. (and learnt this the hard way when my phone was snatched off me in club Tresor!)

And lastly giving us a small outline of Berlin’s very recent history. Showing images of Berlin within the last fifty years looking completely different. And areas transformed due to gentrification. –All incredibly interesting stuff and recommend to anyone that this should be one of the first things to do when you get to the city. Not only to get your bearings but it allows you to understand the city from a different point of view.

Second activity would be to see the Berlin Wall and the Eastside gallery. Not only is it a huge part of Berlins history but it is simply extraordinary to look at. I couldn’t stop taking photos of it, I wish I could have taken one every few steps but its just not possible! Of course the Eastside gallery has a fence in front of it to prevent anyone from vandalising it, this is where I assume more professional pieces are. However, the sections with no fence are just as fantastic, if not more interesting as they are sprawled with honest graffiti and meaningful quotes.

img_8991 img_8997 img_8992

Another thing I really enjoyed was our visit to the Bauhaus Archive Museum. As I studied art and design throughout college I always love going to museums and learning more about art movements that I constantly reference in my work.img_9177

‘The Bauhaus- Archive/ museum fur Gestaltung researches and presents the history and influence of the Bauhaus, which operated from 1919 to 1933 in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, and was among the 20th century’s most important schools of architecture, design and art’

I learnt so much about the process in which students of the Bauhaus go through, the stages and teaching in which they followed. Also the founder of the Bauhaus- Walter Gropius. Its interesting to see how much this art movement influenced so much of how things look now, within everyday objects and buildings. And all housed under a building designed by Gropius himself. It’s worth going to see!

Lastly I want to talk about the amazing time we had at the Berlin Trade shows. I left this till last as it was by far my favourite and if your interested in fashion I recommend to try and get in, of course if you are going at the right time of year.

img_9171 img_9159 img_9154img_9152

I spent my time talking and swapping details with some really great brands. It was great to meet new people and discovers new brands that I hadn’t been aware of. We took particularly time analysing trends through out the show (as this links to our next Uni project). But all in all just enjoyed the experience and taking everything in… oh and of course the endless supply of free magazines and tote bags!

Overall I had the best time in Berlin. I loved the art and culture, the dark and cold atmosphere and the people I met! I can’t wait to go back.


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