Paint paint paint

My poor Mum and Dad have had a half finished mural on our garage wall for at least a year- typically I started something and found it hard to find the time to actually finish it. However blessed with a a couple sunny afternoons and lack of social life I was excited to get on with it. Typically, I wouldn’t think to share something like this on my blog but I think its important to put across what I enjoy and love to do when my mind isn’t on Uni work or submerged in social media.

The sad beginnings of my colourful wall

IMG_8291 IMG_8292IMG_8303


I mean not quite a Monet but you get the idea- I had fun with it and I hope its brightened up the garden. Painting is something that I’ve always enjoyed- loved it in school and will always have it as a hobby.

-The Lanky Giraffe 


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