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As part of an on going fragrance project at University, over the past month I have been working to develop a brand. The brief was to create a brand that had something to do with fragrance; weather it was a scented product; perfume event or even some kid of service, we had to be at the forefront of innovative ideas.

To begin the process in which I could come up with a brand with my group, we had to create an insight report individually. Looking at three different potential concepts that we knew to be up and coming trends across all sectors. Our three insights were: Mental health and well being; Defying age stereotypes and Consumer waste. Making the report was a crucial stage to developing a brand so we could establish four things:

  • What is the initial concept- What exactly are you proposing?
  • Potential competition- Who is already doing this or something similar?
  • Potential consumer- who will buy into your brand, is there a particular archetype?
  • Potential visual language- how will it look, what is the tone of voice?

insight report 1 insight report 2 insight report 3 insight report 4 insight report 5 insight report 6insight report 7 insight report 8 insight report 9 insight report 10 insight report 11 insight report 12 insight report 13 insight report 14 insight report 15 insight report 16

And then Finally this process allowed me to make a final recommendation for the big idea, all members of the team would have their own recommendation. Of course this meant we decided as a team which insight we could take forward, as my two other team members had the same recommendation we decided to go with there choice. Resulting in the winning insight: Defying age stereotypes.

insight report 17 insight report 18

Through out the making of the report I learned how important research is when coming up with initial ideas. Looking at who is our consumer and competition really allows the brand to be strong from the beginning. Working out a gap in the market is one of the most important things, how is your brand different? What can you offer that no one else can?

As a creative student with an art and design background I know my research is something that I struggle with most. However, putting together findings in a creative way gave me motivation to be accurate and committed. When you have a base of strong research you can then build a strong brand, a vital lesson that I’ve learnt.

Keep a look out for my next post all about the development of the brand and the final outcome! Very exciting.

-The Lanky Giraffe 


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