Vanilla and Concrete

_MG_6611Vanilla and concrete exhibition- Tate Britain

_MG_6612 _MG_6617_MG_6618 _MG_6620

As part of my recent trip to London we made our way to the Tate Britain. I forget how excited I get about seeing exhibitions, you never know what’s you’ll see or experience._MG_6615

The vanilla and concrete exhibition brings together the work of three artists; Marie Lund (born 1976), Rallou Panagiotou (born 1978) and Mary Ramsden (born 1984). Originally when walking through the exhibition I thought it was all the same artist, the works compliment each other in colour and in meaning. The room was a selection of pieces that investigate the everyday. Deconstructing seemingly insignificant moments and objects and understanding what makes them part of life. Through the use of material, colour and shape these three artists give substance and meaning to things that are often over looked._MG_6614

I would recommend to go and see it, I found I could connect with the idea that we need to appreciate the contemporary world though objects, gestures and space. I really enjoyed the mellow tone to the work, it felt fun with a sense of humour! Over all a good one to go and see especially if your interested in exploring the everyday- something that I’m personally fascinated with.

-The Lanky Giraffe_MG_6613


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