_MG_6791So a couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to London with my course to conduct further research into my ongoing perfume project. Of course primary research is important, and lucky for us we were tipped off in the direction of some incredible places all linked to fragrance. One of which and probably my favourite thing of the day was visiting the flagship store of Illuminum London. Beautiful. I recommend poking your head through the door if you’re ever near Dover Street.

As we were given a suggested list of places in and around London to explore we set off not knowing what to expect. From the outside we didn’t notice the small gallery and initially walk straight past. As we approached the friendliest and most helpful assistant opened the door and invited us in.

At first look it is incredibly artistic and sculptural- grey tones fill the room and wafts of dreamy scents filled our noses. To me the idea of using art and instillation to create an experience for a consumer is undoubtedly  exciting. Hanging from the ceiling were exquisite varying shaped bottles form different length thread. The thread length altered higher and lower in the shape of a semi-circle creating an organic feel and shape to the room._MG_6794

As we were leaving the assistant gave out some cards with words from the artist Antonio Cardillo who collaborated with the brand to create this incredible space.

Colour as a narrative

‘behind a portal on a Georgian street in London lives a small grey grotto.

Its rugged walls, imprinted with gestures of the mason’s trowel reveal the eroticism which was conveyed in the act of construction by the ancients.

The pozzolanic ash echoes the volcanic typography from where it was quarried. As ‘chambers’ of light’ the three tall openings facing the street orchestrate the light and shadow.

Onto a rough wall: the backdrop for a sweeping semi-circle of thirty-seven irregular glass forms each suspended by a black thread.

Enclosed are colours

Invisible colours revealed only by the nose’

-Antonio Cardillo


A page from my sketch book exploring colour and different visuals form the space

-The Lanky Giraffe 

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