New York Street Style- Womenswear

After spending a week in this amazing city I ended up building up quite the collection of photos. As we explored, with a camera chained to my neck like a typical tourist, I thought it was the perfect situation to take street style photos. And of course what better place than the vibrant and crazy city of NY. Some I like more than others in terms of lighting and composition but I didn’t want to be too picky as they all demonstrate the diverse fashion of the big apple!

Colour flash- a shock of vibrant colour needed in the concrete metropolises.

The matching red pompom and scarf caught my eye, as it stood out against the grey colour pallet of a city. Im a sucker for colour coordination.thumb_IMG_8023_1024thumb_IMG_8253_1024thumb_IMG_8215_1024thumb_IMG_8209_1024thumb_IMG_8299_1024

Androgynous monochromes- smart and on trend, oversized neutrals.

On on my favourite photos form the trip.I love what the photo captures, from the city street to her outfit. Urban chic.

thumb_IMG_8282_1024thumb_IMG_8265_1024 thumb_IMG_8252_1024thumb_IMG_8141_1024thumb_IMG_8097_1024thumb_IMG_8136_1024

Stand out looks- people that just stood out to me. On trend or not I loved the look!

Beautiful vintage coat- the photo doest do it justice. Taken on Brooklyn bridge

thumb_IMG_8057_1024 thumb_IMG_8077_1024thumb_IMG_8112_1024 thumb_IMG_8121_1024thumb_IMG_8250_1024thumb_IMG_8194_1024

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