The Lanky Giraffe takes a bite of the big apple

NY blog pic 1

So tomorrow at a 5.30am I’m embarking on an adventure to New York! Camera and city guide in hand, I will be spending the week exploring the metropolitan maze, embracing as much fashion and culture as I possibly can. This opportunity was made available to me through my course at uni, fashion communication and promotion, and I’m lucky enough to be going with a great group of friends and experienced lecturers.

When It came to planning for the trip I was pushed in the right direction in terms of how I could make the most of the fashion and art culture. Creating a starting point for my itinerary, as I wanted to experience the vast number of art and design museums including:

  • The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET)
  • Whitney Museum of American Art
  • The New Museum
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Queens Museum
  • The Museum at FIT
  • The Guggenheim Museum
  • Museum of Art and Design (MAD)
  • MoMa- The Museum of Modern Art
NY blog post 3
An essential book- incredibly useful. Thank you santa!

A particular exhibition I’m looking forward to is Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin, fascinated by the art and work that goes into a vital ‘prop’ (if you like) to the fashion industry. In addition to this I’m excited to see the Kandinsky gallery at the Guggenheim, exploring his work from his early years in Munich to his final chapter in Paris.  Of course this seems a lot in terms of just museums and depending on what others around me are wanting to see and the time we have to do it I can only try to see as many of them as possible!

With New York being a fashion capital of the word it is vital that I have an analytical eye for every thing around me. Absorbing the entirety of architecture, street style, retail layouts, fashion promotion, visual merchandising… the list goes on. Basically I can’t even blink. Paying extra attention to flagship stores and designer brands that I don’t see in my everyday. I’m also very appreciative of the fact I get to go on a tour of the garment district, spending the time meeting a guest fashion designer, a pattern maker and potentially a talk from a magazine editor!

NY blog pic 2
Pages out of my sketch book, fashion inspo. (its going to be cold)

BUT it goes without saying, I can’t take a trip to the big apple without making time for the classic tourist destinations. I’m extremely thrilled about the idea of ice skating either in central park or at the Rockefeller centre (being The Lanky Giraffe I genuinely will look like Bambi on ice). Thanks to the organisation of my lovely friends on the course, one evening I will be attending my first Broadway show, Matilda! A childhood film that I adore and am ecstatic about seeing on stage. My enthusiasm continues just thinking about walking the iconic neighbourhoods, such as, Soho, Greenwich village and the upper eastside. And lastly my appreciation for American food. I cannot wait to delve into a corn dog topped with mustard, or a cupcake from an ATM; even a plate of chicken wings from my favourite place in the world… Hooters.

Wish me luck on my little adventure, I hope to come back with a head full of inspiration and a belly full of … well, everything.




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