Who even are you?!

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Part of how I want to continue developing this blog is putting more of me into it. What do I want to get across in my writing? What on earth do I want to write about? And how can I put my personality into it? And of course a question that I ask my self every day; who am I to be commenting of fashion?! As a twenty-year-old fashion student I know I’m not the first to write a fashion blog so I need to think about how The Lanky Giraffe is unique. I think its also important to establish that I’m passionate about fashion and the fashion industry but also eager to lean a lot and have a lot to learn. Having the confidence to post about a subject that means a lot to you can be harder than one would think but holding your breath and pressing ‘post’ is starting to feel really good.

Those that know me, know I do not take life to seriously and I want my blog to capture the fun side to fashion. Of course it is important to have some serious content and in the fashion industry there are always controversial or meaningful topics to comment on. However, in terms of the over all feel of the blog I still need to find my voice and consider how I want that voice to be heard. But also knowing that this blog is for me and not being afraid to have an opinion.

When speaking to fellow fashion students and lectures I had feedback detailing how my blog had no personality- or at least not one that would suite a name such as The Lanky Giraffe! I began brainstorming my personality and aesthetics of the blog. It was suggested that I need imagery in the title, and why not a giraffe! Having a background of art and graphics I began to scribble in my sketch book how I wanted the title of my blog to look. From there I scanned the ideas into photoshop and using fonts form the internet developed it into my title.

blog designs

blog design 2

Of course I’m still not completely happy with how it looks and still have a long way to go. However I’m enjoying injecting more of me into it and watching as the blog develops. If I had to give advise to someone that wanted to start a blog i’d say: Absolutely bloody go for it! Ans don’t be scared of it, the more you put into it the more you’ll get back. Its for you, no one else.

before and after
Before and after- adding colour giving the image more life and personality

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