Over Pompulated?

Trend watch: A key detail in A/W 15. Pompoms are updating this seasons footwear, accessories and head wear but is it getting too much? Most high street shops, too my delight six weeks ago, began stocking pompoms as bag accessories or beanies for winter. As time goes on and the air gets colder it has become apparent that this trend, be it oversized fur or decorative statements, isn’t going anywhere. But is it pompom overload?!

moof board pompoms
A mood board that I put together showing pompoms throughout the fashion industry.

Once again its the time of year when we need to wrap up. What better way to update and renew the beanie than to involve tonal furs for a more luxurious look? This year’s beanies appear to be oversized and exaggerated, bringing a playful side to the original grunge inspired look. The winter toppers are going from soft winter tones to bright contrasting colours , not only becoming larger but more novelty as the trend evolves.

pompom 4
Fern Cotton sporting a double pompom hat

Fury materials continue to reappear and it extends beyond headwear. The ‘statement’ pompom remains a must have handbag accessory this autumn/winter, hitting mass market retailers this season but introduced first at designer level last year. This is personally my favourite trend as it revives a tired feeling handbag to something that is current and sought after. Having conformed to this trend I constantly exchange my pompom fur-ball from bag to bag and feel lost without it.

pompom celeb
Cara Delevingne seen with pompom bag accessory

How ever as the pompom continues to grow (in terms of popularity and size of actual fur ball) is it getting a bit ridiculous? Neon furs clashing with gigantic snow balls is becoming the new craze, I love it now… but will it go too far. Two pompoms as ears? A fluffy pompom on top of a cap? Although cute and I rather love these trends now, I’m intrigued to see how far it will be taken. What will be next, will the pompoms be the size of our heads, or will we we attaching a bouquet of pompoms to our bags?!


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