Grey- the new modern neutral

In groups we where tasked to produce a colour story then present it in a interesting and innovative way. The colour grey continues to reinvent its self, ranging from charcoal tones to concrete hues. Anything from the black and white photograph to modern architecture we continue to see steel blues and graphites through out the industry. Grey can come from natural minerals, stones and shadows as well as modern monochromatic shapes and buildings. Different shades give depth and texture to an image and will always provide and soft alternative to black.

We began by creating a Pinterest board, pinning images that had relevance to how we wanted the colour story to come across. Once we had collected this information we went on to compare notes and detected that we had four words in common and these words would go on to shape the description of our story; monochromatic, androgynous, earthy and modern. Moving on with the process, we needed to experiment with materials, colours and location. After a visit to a local scrap shop we found several items that translated the colour grey in a way we envisaged it to look, scrap metal, old computer parts and ten metal pill cylinders.

The next stage was how would be present these items and what could we do to them to convey our colour story further. We experimented with flat laying, hanging, stacking and multiplying. And then continually changing location from using grey card to from a back drop to photographing the items on the floor outside and even hanging pieces from the stairs. And through all this hopefully trying to capture the theme and story of ‘grey-the new modern neutral’. Keeping to themes such as monochromatic line and shapes and well as combining modern texture with natural ones. Thus taking us to our final image after dipping metal cylinders into specific colours of grey then lining them up against a concrete wall.

The final image used to show our colour story 'Grey - the new modern neutral'
The final image used to show our colour story ‘Grey – the new modern neutral’

Once we chose the final image, I continued by selecting and naming the featured colours. All in keeping with our story and narrative:colour names


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