Fashion communication and promotion

Its been forever since I’ve posted anything as I’ve been off taking advantage of the summer however I can’t neglect my blog any longer! September is here and I’m getting excited about the incredible year I have ahead of me. However I’ve had one thing ticking over in my mind  throughout the summer and thats my pre arrival work for Uni.

Ive been asked to identify and put together examples of what I feel are some of the fashion communication and promotion touch points that I am most interested in. To talk about, in my opinion, who is in fashion is translation and exploring fashion codes in an exciting way. I want to talk about nine examples in total, three digital, three printed and three retail examples.

Digital Examples:

Example 1)

Victoria’s secret’s Instagram account is my first example because in terms of who I think is being creative and exciting VS is at the forefront of social networking advancements. The account has 21.6 million followers, and all those followers have a direct link to the shop in the bio of the Instagram page.

In addition to this, VS builds on promotion by using the famous models that are seen wearing the underwear to communicate even further. Using tagged photos, selfies and videos the public have a up close view of the models an what its like to be one of ‘Victorias Angles’. Furthermore these models linking to celebrities such as Kendal Jenna and Taylor Swift enables the brand to reach millions more people. All through one Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 14.42.45
The bio of the VS Instagram page, showing how many people follow the account and that it is an official account.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 14.43.06

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 14.43.37
Photos with the famous models as well as two pop stars.

Example 2)

The second example I want to talk about is my Favourite blog- Man Repeller. I love this blog and can never get enough of reading it and feel it displays perfectly how fashion is put across this day in age.

Leandra Madine started the blog in 2010 and took the the keyboard writing humorous pieces in a relatable way- surrounding the world of fashion. Its now one of the most popular blogs on the internet. The site explores fashion in an exciting and light hearted way but at the same time communicates an interesting and message.

Example 3)

Online marketing using social media. As social media continues to grow and we as a generation continue to evolve our lives around the internet the world of fashion promotion has done the same. I’ve noticed as the years go on how social networking sites have begun to have sponsored promotional posts for fashion labels. Weather its to promote and offer or new website even if i don’t follow this particular company some how the post still ends up on my home feed! Very clever.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 17.12.17

Three printed examples:

Example 1:

Magazines, I love love love magazines! What better way to to talk about fashion than through magazines. From Vouge to the Gentlewomen there is a fashion magazine for everyone. The magazine that I have as my example is I-D mag on the front cover it says ‘i-DEAS, FASHION, MUSIC, PEOPLE. And too me its one if my favourite magazine I find it incredibly inspiring and always interesting and too me want more could you want? The particular issue I have in my hands right now is THE COMING OF AGE ISSUE PRE FALL 2015 NO.388.

My example issue

Example 2)

Promotion through packaging is vital to the fashion industry. there is something about walking through with a huge shopping bag that says ‘TOPSHOP’ (or your fave brand) that can put a smile on any fashion lovers face. Or coming home and seeing two packages on the counter top- both wrapped in funky writing saying Urban Outfitters. And I can always recognise what the brand is even if I not close enough to read it, I think this is very important to a fashion brand that they have a recognisable logo and packaging that caches the eye.



Example 3)

This example is something that I picked up whist shopping. It was in the Vivienne Westwood shop and was free to take. feeling pretty chuffed to walk out with anything form the shop I had a keen look through once home. It is a newspaper called ‘the Contributoria’. Its not actually about anything to do with fashion however Vivienne Westwood had got involved in supporting the paper and had edited this particular issue. It is a newspaper written collaboratively by people supporting journalism. I thought it was a really good example of how fashion designers and brands can get involved to help promote a cause. Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 17.47.03

Retail Examples

Example 1)

‘Last chance to buy’ the idea that you might see something that won’t be sold any more?! I can’t come back and get it tomorrow I better buy it now- logical and sensible thinking I tell my self. The very well thought out section of top shop that consisted of a rail of random pieces of clothing with ‘last chance to buy hung above’. I think this is genius.

Example 2)

Window display in urban outfitters

Example 3)

The shop tiger is a marvellous and exaggerated version of how all point of sale areas are arranged. Thats why I love it and always find more than I need, in fact I find things that I didn’t even know I needed. The shop layout lets you marauder around the shop in one direction with only a beginning and an end. Letting you pass by every item in the shop making sure you have seen all the shop has to offer! Once again I feel this is very clever and a great example of retail promo.


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