Fabric printing!

This project was based around fashion print using mainly screen printing and heat transfer printing. The brief was based on a few descriptive words- fragmentation, reflection and distortion. I set about taking pictures of anything that related or inspired these words and how they relate to the world around me. i took pictures of shadows and several things in and around London. After taking a lot of inspiration form primary photo research I began putting my ideas into designs and sketches.




These designs sheets where made up of pattern, colour and shape sourced from my original research. I had to start to think about designs that I could digitally edit on Photoshop then they would become my Screen print patterns. Screen printing is a traditional but effective way of printing fabric as well as an enjoyable method.


A couple of my print designs in my sketch book










When designing a screen print it is important to remember that the black areas of the design is where the fabric ink will come through and the white areas is where the emulsion will set, there for will be left the colour of the fabric you are printing on.

I then went on to experiment with techniques and colours. For example bleaching the dye out then re-dying, puff printing, heat transfer, tie-dying among other experiments. And finally began to combine all the techniques to create final print designs and fabric samples, keeping with a few chosen colours to create a fabric collection.

A selection of my prints












An element of the project and all projects that i most enjoy is the process from design to finished piece or product. After taking the time of designing prints that are inspired and drawn from my own creative imagination I love pushing the project further to communicate how these could go into the fashion industry. I started to sketch and illustrate the prints into fashion garments, how they would look on the body or what piece of clothing they could be? How could i prototype what this would look like? I went on to take picture of my self in a plain white dress and Photoshop the images of my prints over the top. Giving a realistic and proportional picture of how they would look on an actual person!

Fashion illustration using some cuttings from my fabric samples.
Fashion illustration using some cuttings from my fabric samples.

print fasion 003 print fasion 005 print fasion 007

print fasion 009 print fasion 011


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