From concept to consumer

Having just finished my first project on my art foundation course I wanted to reflect on the process from design to garment. The brief was to explore microbiology and all the beautiful shapes and colours that surrounds the science.

I began by creating several design sheets of my initial ideas, all based on images of microbiology from books and the internet. Scribbling down what ever stood out to me, looking particularly at structure and shape. I then went on to transforming these designs into constructed textile samples. When trying to capture the feel of microbiology within a textile sample, I had to consider what textile techniques I should use as well as the type of fabric.

The next step was putting these samples and fabric techniques back into fashion designs. I created several sheets of fashion illustration, combined with my chosen colour scheme.

I love doing fashion illustration! In these designs I combine colourful paint with detailed garment designs- all based on microbiology.


Once i’d chosen my final design I needed to try the structure of the garment out- so before I started anything on my final piece I made a paper model.

IMG_5969 IMG_5972


Above right is the original design I had in mind but once on the manikin the design didn’t work as a garment overall. When working straight on the stand it gives me an instant idea to how the garment will look.  Then, after playing around with the layout of the design, I decided to construct the garment in a completely different way.  The paper model to the left is how i chose to construct my final piece- I love flow of piece and how the structure mimics the shape of microbiology.

Finally it was time to choose my fabric and put together this marvelous microbiological masterpiece!!! (something like that anyway) With the help of felt and bonderweb my supply of circles cant fray. And at the end of a tedious evening and night of sewing I was able to present my garment.

How the garment looked when i first pinned it to the manikin.
The final piece- photographed on a model showing what it would look like to wear.


I even went on to develop the idea further! Pinning the garment to different areas of the body shows how versatile the piece could be.



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